Tom Kretsch - Peaceful Places - biography

As a photographer I have traveled to places both near and far in search of “Peaceful Places, those special spots where I have been able to capture visual images that evoke a soothing and calming moment. Sometimes one finds that in a colorful building, a quiet beach, nature’s own unique designs, along the water’s edge, on an old front porch, in a back alley or just around the corner if you take the time to look.

As an artist I try to use the element of light, texture, form and color to capture the kind of moments that can lend a peaceful and serene aura to the home, office and corporate surroundings. Through my travels I have created a wide array of images from some magical places like Tuscany, Spain, Mexico, Maine, Newfoundland, Cape Cod, Alaska, The Madeline Islands and where I live in Westport, CT.

Mostly self taught, I have been inspired by the work of the Wyeth family of painters, Edward Hopper and courses I have taken at the Maine School of Photography and Photo Graphic Workshop in New Canaan, CT.

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